PC: Juanita Ravakae

Massive Congratulations to the Ombudsman’s Office Principal Investigator; Mrs. Dorah Leitap Samuel for being awarded as the best Individual PSC awardee under the Ministry of Prime Minister’s Office for her excellent performance last year 2018.

Dorah started work with the Ombudsman’s Office in 1998 as an Admin and Secretary/Accountant under the leadership of Marie-Noelle Ferrieux Patterson; First Ombudsman of the Republic of Vanuatu. In April 2005, she was identified as having skills in Investigations, so she was appointed to the post of Assistant Investigator.

The Week of Monday 1st of July to Friday 5th of July marks an important milestone for the Office of the Ombudsman. Staff members along with the outgoing Acting Ombudsman, Alain WAI MOLGOS undertook a review on the current structure of the office, a proposed new office structure, all job descriptions of senior managers and other officers, a review of the 2019 staff business plan and a also produced a draft office business plan and budget for the year 2020.

This marks an important occasion for both the two agencies; the Vanuatu Ombudsman Office and the Vanuatu Police Force as the Acting Ombudsman Mr. Alain WAI MOLGOS and the Acting Police Commissioner Colonel Robson Iavro, signed an MOU for both Institutions to work together in certain investigations and also facilitation by way of exchange of information between both agencies.

The Head of State, His Excellency President Obed Moses Talis has signed the Instrument of Appointed for Mr Hamilson Bulu to become the Country’s 6th Ombudsman. The Ombudsman Position has been vacant since December 2017. On March 14th 2014 the President appointed Mr Alain WAI MOLGOS to as Acting Ombudsman and Mr Molgos has been taking charge of the Ombudsman Office since then.

The Vanuatu Ombudsman’s Office, in collaboration with the Director and staff of the Department of Correctional Services, had successfully carried out a visit to all the Correctional Detention Centers in Port Vila on 05 April 2019. The visit came about after a two-days workshop conducted by the New Zealand Ombudsman Office in late March on Prison Inspections. The Ombudsman Team visited the High Risk Facility, the Medium Risk / Remand facility as well as the Low Risk facilities for both men and women.

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