The Ombudsman of the Republic of Vanuatu Hamslison Bulu has been amongst other government directors and media personal in the country who have been consulted to review the contents of the country’s National Broadcast Institution VBTC.

Ombudsman Staff
Ombudsman Bulu and Mr Taurokoto during discussions.

In an invitation last week, the Ombudsman has been asked to attend in person to give some feedbacks and assist in the concept of a new pathway to revitalize the content of the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation.

During his discussion with consultant Michael Taurakoto, Mr Bulu stressed that in the modern world it is very hard for National Radio to compete with other FM Stations who are so advance in news and production.

mbudsman expressed that if a DJ is creating a more comfortable and interactive environment than a Radio Announcer whose stick to his same old program then the audience would surely shift to the FM stations and that is a treat to the National Radio.

He suggests that a good tip for a radio announcer to maintain his listeners, he or she had to know his or her topic better than anyone. At the dying minute leading up to the real topic, the announcer is supposed to give some background information before the real discussion.

He said that in other way to uplift the rate of the listeners, the announcer need to bring to event to the doorstep of his/her audience. He/her had to create an environment for the listener to believe that even though he/she is not in the actual happening but due to your productive and creativity, he/she enjoys the event as much as everyone who attended did for eg… Football matches.

He said that even the announcers need to stop using jargons during their presentations because the large members of their audience are the people back in the communities who could not define them.

Mr Bulu said that an initiative to fill in the Chiefs of Malvautumauri Council of Chiefs in their content would be a great idea because the program will help to preserve our cultural values and identity into the future since it already started to fade away.

He also suggested that VBTC need to play a lot of our local bands songs rather than playing songs that we never understand their contents. He said string band is preferable.

Another vital contribution to the discussion, Ombudsman Bulu offered to contribute with a monthly program that will help the Leaders to understand better their role to their communities, they role to their people and their roles towards their country.

He said that the program will help them too to understand the laws and the boundaries within the working lines that they should step into.

The discussions are yet to determine which programs will be taken on-board for next content review but Mr Bulu has assured that including a monthly program within the VBTC will help not just leaders but people within the our shores to manage to identify whether or not their right has been infringed by a leader.

He said that the program will help the office to minimise the cost of the awareness programs to our remote islands due to the very limited budget and administrative operational fund.