A leader must observe and comply with the law

  1. Comply and observe the fundamental principles of the Leadership Code
  2. Comply with and observe the duties, obligations and responsibilities established by the Code and any other enactment that affects the Leader
  3. Not influence or attempt to influence or exert pressure on or threaten or abuse persons carrying out their lawful duty.

A leader must appoint on the basis of merit

If a leader appoints persons to hold official positions he or she must

  1. Act fairly in appointing people to offices and positions of which he has responsibility, so that people are appointed impartially and on merit.
  2. Do his or her best to encourage participation in government by men and women according to the abilities
  3. Not interfere or attempt to interfere in the Public Service Commission

Disclosure of business interests

A leader must always give priority to official business over private business interests and, in any case, the leader must not involve him or herself in the day to day management if conflicting personal business interests.

Submission of annual returns

Leaders must submit their annual returns by 1st of March each year to the clerk of Parliament with the following information.

  1. All land and other properties
  2. All vehicles
  3. All shares in public or private companies
  4. All liabilities
  5. Directorships in corporations and other offices