Article 67 of the Constitution and section 5 of the Leadership Code Act give the definition of those persons who are declared as leaders under the Code. They are:

  1. The Prime Minister
  2. Ministers of the State
  3. All members of the Parliament
  4. Elected and nominated members of the Local Government Councils
  5. Elected and nominated members of the Municipal Councils
  6. Director Generals of Ministries and Directors of Departments
  7. CEO's or secretary generals of Local Government councils
  8. The town clerks of municipalities
  9. Directors of companies or other bodies corporate wholly owned by the Government.
  10. All members of boards of Government statutory authorities
  11. All political advisors
  12. Commissioner of Police
  13. Commander of Vanuatu Mobile Force
  14. The Attorney General
  15. The Public Prosecutor
  16. The Public solicitor
  17. The Ombudsman
  18. The Clerk of Parliament
  19. The Principal Electoral Officer
  20. The Auditor General
  21. The Chairperson of the expenditure review committee
  22. The Chairperson when acting in that capacity of the tenders board
  23. Members of the Public Service Commission
  24. Members of the Teaching Service Commission
  25. Members of the Police Service Commission
  26. Members of the Electoral Commission
  27. The commander of the Vanuatu Mobile Force