The current Acting Ombudsman, Mr Alain Wai Molgos and his senior management team met on Wednesday 17th of April 2019 to complete a review on the current structure of the Ombudsman Office.

The purpose of the review is to fulfill an objective of the official 2019 Ombudsman Office business plan and that is to review the current official structure and ensure a more appropriate structure is in place that would suit the needs of the office and also cater for future changes to any proposed legislative changes to the Ombudsman Act and Leadership Code Act that is currently on the pipeline.

The Ombudsman Office is currently structured to have 37 positions including the Ombudsman himself. With the current budget ceiling provided to the office, the office can only accommodate 17 officers and that leaves a total of 20 positions in the current office structure that could not be funded by the official office budget or positions that cannot be filled.

It is imperative that the Office of the Ombudsman gains public confidence in carrying out its mandatory functions, therefore required change is needed in the current office structure to suit the current circumstances and address the most challenges faced by the office and also prepare for the future as explained by Ombudsman Molgos.

Mr Molgos thanked his senior management team for all the effort in this one day meeting and continued to stress his support to ensure all the required changes is being endorsed by authorities concern.