Senior Management Team having initial discussions with Tracy and Eleanor.

Two representatives from the New Zealand Chief Ombudsman’s office visited the office of the Vanuatu Ombudsman’s Office in the last week of January 2020.

Eleanor Tuck who is the Manager International Development and Engagement and Tracey Harlen, Principal Adviser visited to Vanuatu, on the request of the Vanuatu Ombudsman, Mr. Hamlison Bulu. The purpose of the visit was to identify gaps and opportunities of improvement within the Vanuatu Ombudsman’s Office.

The duo spent a week scoping the capacity, assets and needs of the different investigating teams within the office. They also identified specific training needs to enhance the administrations of the Ombudsman’ Office to be utilized in the near future.

Staff within the administration of the current Ombudsman, engaged in both group and one to one interview with the NZ Ombudsman team. The opportunity was also given to evaluate and give feedback on the results of the scoping and assessment provided by the NZ Chief Ombudsman team representatives.

A more detailed report from the New Zealand Chief Ombudsman team will be provided to Ombudsman Bulu upon the team’s return to New Zealand. These includes the results of their assessment outlining recommendations for ongoing training and support.

This is the first time an assessment is undertaken on the Vanuatu Ombudsman’s Office by another Integrity Agency within the region. The scoping exercise was in association with a visit made last year by Vanuatu Ombudsman, Hamlison Bulu to New Zealand.

Ombudsman Bulu, was overwhelmed with the outcome of the visit. He now plans to enhance and maintain the current partnership he has with the NZ Chief Ombudsman Office.