The purpose of the Ombudsman in Vanuatu is wider and is fourfold. The Ombudsman is responsible for the investigation of, Maladministration by Public Officials, alleged or suspected discriminatory practices, alleged or suspected breaches of the Leadership Code and the observance of multilinguisim.

  • What is Corruption?

    It is a term that describes the decay of integrity, virtue or moral principles. According to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), Corruption is a serious crime that hinders socio and economic development as well as weakens education and health systems , depriving people of the basic building blocks of a decent life.

  • How do I Lodge a Complaint?

    When you visit the Ombudsman Office in Port Vila or Luganville, the receptionist will assist you with your needs. The receptionist will provide you’re with a complaint form in the language you prefer and will assist you in filling up the complaint form. If time does not permit you to visit us in person, then you may send us correspondence through an email, or write us a letter detailing the nature of your complaint.

  • What Process will be followed to resolve my Complaint?

    When complaints are received, there are certain procedures that must be followed before investigation proper can commence on your complaint. Once a complaint is being approved by the Ombudsman to commence investigation, the complaint is then allocated to one to the three teams in the Ombudsman Office to deal with it.

  • Who is a Whistleblower and how are they protected?

    A whistle blower is a person who raises the alarm of a wrong doing in an organization. The whistle blower is usually from the same organization and reports a breach of law, policy or codes of conduct to a law enforcement agency or their superiors. It is normal to fear lodging a report against a coworker or friend however if you lodge a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman, your identity will remain confidential and you are protected under Division 2 of the Ombudsman Act [CAP.252]

  • Where can I lodge my complaint?

    If you have information about corruption related matter or wish to lodge a complaint, you can visit our office in Port Vila or in Luganville. You can also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Are there any Awareness Programs for my Organization or myself?

    Although we would prefer complaints to give us detailed information to better assist our investigations, we do accept anonymous complaints and treat it with the same priority as any other complaint lodged. The Office of the Ombudsman under its annual business plan is obligated to carry out awareness programs about corruption and the purpose of the Office of the Ombudsman.

  • Can I remain anonymous when lodging a complaint?

    Although we would prefer complainants to give us detailed information to better assist our investigations, we do accept anonymous complaints and treat it with the same priority as any other complaint lodged. People conceal their identity for dear or victimization but rest assured that we treat each case with confidentiality and provide protection under the Ombudsman Act for people providing us with information


To assist and encourage Government agencies and leaders carry out their roles and functions effectively, efficiently and fairly under the laws of the Republic of Vanuatu.


To promote good administration, efficient governance and responsible leadership in Government, and to protect the use of the official languages to benefit of the people of the Republic of Vanuatu.